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à la carte


Ponzu seasoned courgettes with smoked avokado creme V,G 15€

Black garlic, marinated edamame and crispy onion

Halibut sashimi with umami soy L,G 17€

Preserved lemon mayonnaise, daikon and thai basil

Crispy fried chicken skin with grilled gem lettuce L,G 16€

Garlic creme, soy caramel and preserved celery


Corn and potato croquettes with tonkatsu sauce L 15€

Marinated cucumbers, kewpie mayonnaise and chives

Duck buns (2pcs) L 19€

Braised duck leg seasoned with hoisin, ginger mayonnaise and marinated cucumber

NOBI Springrolls (2pcs) V 17€

Sweet plum sauce, peanuts and cabbage salad

Soy glazed chicken meatballs with togarashi L,G 17€

Egg yolk and soy with ginger and lemon

Deep fried potatoes L,G 8€

Kimchi mayonnaise, pickled mustard seeds and crispy onion


Grilled aubergine with plum sauce V,G 26€

Grilled aubergine with plum sauce Almond with quinoa, ginger dressing ja grilled grapes

Fish of the day with hay smoked carrots L,G 30€

Crayfish sauce, galangal and coconut and carrot purée

Honey glazed pork ribs L,G 26€

Chili vinegar and sesame seeds

Grilled beef flank steak with bone marrow L,G 36€

Potato purée seasoned with smoked butter, deep-fried broccoli and daikon


Yuzu creme with mandarin sorbet L,G 12€

Preserved lemon and meringue seasoned with black lime

Plum choux with potato ice cream L 12€

Miso caramel, brown butter and hazelnut

L = Lactose Free • G = Gluten Free • V = Vegan // Chicken = Finland • Pork = Finland • Beef = Uruguay

The staff will give more information about food allergens. Portions might contain traces of nuts.


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