Lunch is served Thuesdays to Fridays Lunch includes water, coffee or tea and a small sweet

Lunch beer tai wine 7€.

Lunch of the week

Lunch Tuesdays to Fridays

Starter of the week 12€

Dessert of the week 12€

Cheese burger with fries (L) 15€

Marinated red onion, jalapeno mayonnaise and tomato

Fish of the day with yuzu mayonnaise (L) 16€

Fennel cucumber salad, roasted potatoes and togarashi

Prawns Sweet & Sour (G,L) 16€

Marianted mango, jasmin rice and thai basil

Fried tofu with pho broth (G,V)13,50€

Rice noodles, paksoy and baby corn

Business lunch 35€

Mushroom creme with marinated king oyster mushrooms (G,L)


The main dish of your choice from the lunch menu.


Hazelnut cake with milk ice cream (L)