Lunch is served Thuesdays to Fridays Lunch includes water, coffee or tea and a small sweet

Lunch beer or wine €7.

Lunch of the week

Lunch Mon-Fri

Cheese Burger (L) 16€

Dry aged beef, cheddar, jalapeno mayonnaise and fries

Fish Of The Day (G,L) 18€

Green curry, grilled asparagus, thai basil and jasmin rice

Butter Chicken (G,L) 15€

Grilled chicken, tomato sauce, jasmin rice and yoghurt

Caramel Pork (G,L) 15€

Fried pork belly, soy caramel, paksoy and jasmin rice

Fried Tofu Bowl (G,V) 13,5€

Tofu seasoned with chili, sushi rice, marinated cucumber and togarashi mayonnaise

L = Lactose-free, VL = Low-lactose, G = Gluten-free, V = Vegan

Business lunch 35€

Fried shrimp with mandarin cream (L)


Grilled catch of the day with green curry (G, L)


White chocolate mousse, spruce shoots, and raspberry-salted lemon ice cream

Tall Ships Races 2024


During the Tall Ship Races week from July 15th to July 21st, NOBI offers a tailored All Day menu available throughout the week during restaurant opening hours. The regular lunch menu is not available.

Mon-Sat 11-00 (22)
Sun 11-20 (19)

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