Reservations are mainly made online. After making the reservation, you'll instantly receive confirmation.

The best way to reach us by phone, is during sales service opening hours between 9.00–16.30 on weekdays. During the evenings and weekends, we may be busy serving customers, which is why we don’t always have time to answer the phone. If your contact matter is not urgent or related to the current day, we recommend you to contact us via email. Reservations for less than 7 people can easily be made online. Reservations for 7+ people, other enquiries and messages are best handled through email.

Terrace reservations are made only by phone and only for the current day. Reserve your terrace table by calling us at 050 550 3005!

Other details

Reservations are usually allocated 2 hour time slots. For larger parties of 8+ people we reserve 3 hours. In the reserved time you can enjoy starters, have a couple of glasses, enjoy mains and desserts, as well as enjoy the company of your party. If you’d like to spend more time in our restaurant, make sure to mention this when making your reservation. Please also mention any exceptionally schedules and any special needs, so we can prepare and meet your requirements beforehand.

Larger groups

If your party consists of over 9 people, we require a pre-ordered unified menu order in order to ensure smooth service for your dinner. Once we receive your reservation, our personnel will send you the menu options via email. We take special diets into consideration in accordance with the information you provide beforehand.

Contact us or make a reservation! We confirm reservations made through the form via email.

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